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my flickr profile

My Flickr Photos

Here is where you will find albums of photos of my work and scenery, plants, birds, animals, and more. Most of my photo collection is licensed as Creative Commons free to use.

excuse me while i whip this out t-shirt
beezlebubblz on tumblr

Beelzebubblz on Tumblr

This is my horror and dark art place to share and post gifs I made, usually of a horror or sci-fi/fantasy nature.

peony i grew myself!

My Plantae Project

What is it? Well, I am an amateur plant photographer and would love to be able to capture as many plant families as possible. While that task may be impossible, I may come close to it if I keep visiting as many botanical gardens as I can.

I am also a bead embroidery artist that does a lot of floral designs. My art form is traditionaly a floral one from Interior Alaska and eventually I will have the local flowers represented in beaded form. I decided my life's creative work will be to celebrate all the families of plants from all over the Earth. Eventually I'd like to include the Fungii families. I'd also like to make beaded bacteria and virus art some day.

I'd love to hear from you if you have images of your species specific plant art to share. While it may be impossible for me to creat art for every plant family, it may possible with help from fellow creatives. Do you have art you'd like to share? Email me and I'd be glad to post your art in my plant family directory. Some day this will be huge!

danyel-wall-mirror- shop wall mirrors for sale

Manufactured Wall Mirrors

I sell manufactured wall mirrors for a commission. Here's what's for sale right now - styles and types change. Come by often for new products!

echoforsberg on ello

My Ello Page

What is Ello? Ello is a social media sharing site focused on visual arts. I love that is has a lot of great art and no basic bullshit some other social sites seem to promote.

raven in the pines

My Deviant Art Page

Every now and then I like to modify my photos to make interesting images - one of these days I'll start making big collages again. Here's where they'll be!

fireweed wall mirror

My Houzz Page

What is Houzz? Houzz is a wonderful website dedicated to home decor, home remodelling, home building, and more. It is a visual website with thousands of photos of home decor and remodelling projects, links to where to buy the design elements seen in the eyecapturing photos. I sell bead embroidered wall mirrors, so I put a profile there to sell my home decor products or to let the public know I can take custom orders for home decor.

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